Welcome to 

Cervical Wellness Online

Initiation to Your Cervical Healing Journey

Hello my friends,

and greetings to You, dear One,

Welcome to the beginning of a new chapter of your healing journey! 


This is an exciting time, for you are all about to go deep into your inner-world in order to fully understand what is happening in your body and why.

It's in Cervical Wellness where we do the work to dive deep into the shadowy places while finding comfort in know that there are other Women doing it with you throughout these 6 weeks.

Every two weeks for six weeks I’ll be sharing with you all the information and know about healing the cervix and female body.


All of these practices and tools guide you to a place within yourself to discover your own self-generated medicine, and this can be beneficial for all places of our body.

While the information is dolled out over six weeks, you'll have access to it for as long as Cervical Wellness exists. You're welcome to take you time, enjoy the process, and join the LIVE session

Q & A sessions from here on and hence forth.

I invite you to prioritize attending the opening call LIVE, if you can. I'll be guiding you on a special visualization journey into your inner world, and it's a powerful beginning to the cervical healing journey. There will be access to the recording afterwards, but I find it much more potent and tangible when experienced in real-time with others. 


First thing I need you to do is to please head to this link and opt-in with your email address. I'll be sending you the remaining communications and announcements for this course through this email list so it's important that you sign-up.


Our first meeting scheduled for  Tuesday July 23, 11:00 am PST and this first live session will be an introduction and intention setting experience. Each following LIVE session will be sharing and Q&A.

This is the link for our first LIVE ZOOM session, which is scheduled at the above time. If you have not used ZOOM before, please head to zoom.us familiarize yourself with it. You may opt-in to download the app on your phone as well.

A recording of the session will be sent out the following day via email, and will also be archived  in the Cervical Wellness Online private group of our online community, Our Web of Healing (more about that below).


Please do watch the recording if cannot make it to the LIVE session. I’ll be answering questions and guiding inward journeys that are a part of the Cervical Wellness experience and I don’t want you to miss out.

The dates for our future LIVE sessions of this cohort are: August 6, 20, Sept 3, all at 11:00 am PST.


The course content will be found on Teachable.com. I've chosen to not collect payments via Teachable, and as such, you're going to need to 'sign up' once again for access to the content. Follow this link enroll receive the course content

If you have any trouble with the link, use the coupon code CERVIXPOWER

This is the schedule of availability of content:

Available immediately upon enrolling in course: 'Getting Started' and 'Tools for Healing'

Available 2 days after course enrollment: 'Foundation'

Available two weeks after course enrollment: 'Energetics'

Available four weeks later: 'Implementation' and 'In closing'

You're welcome to watch the content at your leisure. 

You have access to this course content forever.


Here is a link to the optional private social network group for Cervical Wellness Online. 

This  group is a part of a larger free social network called a Mighty Network I've developed called 'Our Web of Healing'.


This is a social network (NOT social media) designed to connect other Women together who value a self-healing path for their reproductive health.


Our group is a private group within the greater network. Its free to join and my hope that you'll be inspired to engage in other topics beyond Cervical Wellness Online. This is a new endeavor and just getting going. Your participation is valued.

The sign up link I've included here is to join both the network as well as our private group for Cervical Wellness Online. All past Cervical Wellness Online participants have been welcomed to join the group as well. This can be a great way to connect to others who, like you, are on a cervical healing journey!


It’s here that I’ll post additional prompts to urge you on your journey as well as a platform for you all to communicate and connect. As I mentioned above, it’s important to know that you’re not alone on this journey and that we are all here with you as you move forward on the path.


Know that it’s a safe space for us to share stories, photos, offerings, words of encouragement, etc as we move through these 6-weeks and beyond. You'll have access to this group as long as you want to be involved.


I’m available for questions about the course material, logistics, etc via Direct Message in Our Web of Healing throughout the duration of the 6-weeks course. 

I do invite you to use the Cervical Wellness Online private group to ask questions so that the other Women can know as well. You know the ol’ saying, ‘If you have a question, it’s very likely someone else has a similar question.’ I invite engagement and group collective processing. Let’s lean on one-another!

Please do not DM me on Instagram about the course. It's not the best way to get a-hold of me.

If I don't respond in 2-3 business days in Our Web of Healing, you have my permission to email me at denell@generativehealth.org.



Alrighty friends, that's it for the Welcome details!


Please do opt-in for that email list ASAP because I will be communicating to you through it.

I’ll see you on Tuesday, July 23rd!


xox Denell

Guide | Facilitator | Educator

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