Become sovereign with the health of your body

and know how to take care of yourself

when faced with any health challenge


Feel confident in your ability to guide yourself

on a healing journey and

uplevel your life in all the ways you dream of.


+ Having a clear strategy to reverse your symptoms, increase your energy, and achieve your health goals


+ Waking up each day knowing what you need to do for yourself to reach your health goals (without needing to check your fave social media influencer to inspire you)

+ Breaking through any glass ceiling you come up against when it comes to improving your health, amplifying your sense of well-being, and healing yourself of what ails you

+ Knowing precisely what to focus on for your personal healing and how to maintain focus on the journey

+ Streamlining wellness purchases & investments to only those that are perfect for your unique life situation

+ Feeling happy, joyful, vibrant (maybe!) in your body, and having that be your default state.

How would that change your

health goals?

I can tell you with complete certainty that with the Vital Living method, this is possible. I've successfully done this numerous times for myself and for countless clients. If you bring the openness to learn and willingness to try, I’ll bring the strategy.


It’s time to step into your next phase of growth and expansion in your personal health & healing. It all starts with this decision.


Vital Living is a 5-month program designed to train you to be your own best health and wellness coach, without needing to look to outside sources to guide you

Created by health and healing expert, Denell Barbara of Cervical Wellness, VL is THE most comprehensive and advanced self-help program found on the market today. Whether you just received a diagnosis or you've been on the healing journey for years, this program covers all the strategies to guiding yourself to your reach your health goals.

When it comes to helping people to heal themselves, Denell knows her stuff. After healing herself of HPV, cervical dysplasia, chronic eczema, irregular periods, depression and anxiety, plus guiding hundreds of women to reverse abnormal paps on there own, Denell is finally lifting the lid on what it takes to replicate these results.

From the basic fundamentals of anatomy, physiology & the energetics of each organ system, to designing your lifestyle & strategies to persevere and keep yourself accountable, there's not a single aspect left uncovered in this 20-week course. 

This content has never been shared and it's designed in a way to walk you step by step through process, whether your just starting out or a veteran to the field of health and wellness.



Hey friends, I'm


 CEO of Cervical Wellness!

I'm a 32 year old California-girl living among the redwoods and vineyards of wine country, with my soul mate husband and three sassy cats (who actually run the show).  I'm an author, health educator, and founder of Cervical Wellness.

Through my 10 year journey of in-depth study in the fields of health, wellness, global medicine, and reversing all of my personal health complications on my own, I've developed a signature process that guides people to take ownership of their healing journey in a way that's sustainable and empowering.


At the age of 22, I decided to make a change.


I made the decision that I wanted to feel good in my body and happy in my life.

I didn't want to settle anymore for mediocre existence and numbing myself from the beauty of

what it meant to be alive.


I had never really thought about my health before this moment.

This was before I even decided I was going to heal myself of HPV and cervical dysplasia.

I just knew that I wanted to feel better in my body, and I felt that there was another way to live.

In the summer of 2010, I decided to embark on my first cleanse- a 10 day Master-Cleanse.

This cleanse was all the rage during this time, and also happened to be the most extreme.

Never having done this before, I knew that I would change,

but i never predicted what would happen afterward:


My life completely, 100% transformed after this experience.

Throughout those 10 days, I faced inner demons I didn’t know existed within me-

Voices which told me that if I didn’t eat the sugar, drink the alcohol and go to that party,

that I wasn’t worthy of living.

I faced those inner demons.

I persevered through the difficulty.

I came out of that experience with a new perspective on life.


I began to look at all the other ways I was living my life and decided I wanted to make a shift.

I come from a family wrought with diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity.

I saw how my Grandparents would have to take a ‘train’ of pharmaceutical medication every day.

I witnessed my father going in for treatments and procedures for strange conditions and symptoms quite often.

I perpetually felt afraid that members of my family would die at young ages because of their health,

and I felt how I was on the same trajectory as them.


Having had life-long chronic eczema on my body, weight fluctuations, anxiety, depression

PLUS the abnormal pap smears,

I wanted to be rid of all of these things which felt heavy and hard in my life.




In 2014 I went back to graduate school and received my MA in Integrative Health Studies.

I was determined to really get to the nitty-gritty of how the body regenerates, heals and stays well.


The fear of my father dying before he could walk me down the aisle at my wedding propelled me to scour research articles, primary sources of health and wellness information,

and dive head first into every healing modality and traditional medicine practice I could find.


I applied all that I learned to my life.


I learned how to support myself through behavioral change and transformation.


I taught myself how to coach myself to achieve success in my health goals.

I fortified myself against any fear I once had about my body and what could happen to my health. 


In 2016 I graduated from California Institute of Integral Studies.

This is also the year I received news that I reversed seven years of HPV and cervical dysplasia,

even though all of my doctors had told me I was going to get cancer.


This was the proof I needed that what I learned and how I chose to support myself and my body

actually worked.


Slowly but surely.... 


The chronic eczema disappeared.

My anxiety evaporated.

The depression lifted.

My body grew healthier and healthier.

My sense of well-being increased.

My life became more amazing and beautiful than I could have ever imagined.


One I graduated from grad- school I began to work 1:1 with people as an Integrative Health Coach.

I supported people to reverse chronic conditions like auto immune disorders, diabetes and obesity.


It was highly satisfying work, but I always felt like the keeper of a secret treasure chest,

waiting for someone to pay me to show them what was inside.


I didn't like this.

I longed to teach my clients all that I had learned along the way, and share with them how to coach and support themselves, without needing to pay someone (me) to do it for them.


I’ve never once hired a coach or guide for my health or healing.

I learned how to coach myself through my journey, and this is what I wanted for them.

But it was hard to do in the client-coach relationship, so I kept the keys to the treasure chest  

to myself and continued to get paid to guide them. 


With Cervical Wellness Online Masterclass Series,

I guide women to reverse abnormal pap smears on their own.

I take them through the journey of diving in to the world of their cervix,

to bring about health and healing to this place in their body. 


And yet, the big secret of all of this is:

You can apply the techniques I teach in Cervical Wellness

to any area of your body and life to achieve

any health and wellness goal.

There is a technique, a secret code that I’ve learned along the way that’s helped me not have to go to the doctor for pretty much anything in over 5 years (besides routine check ups).


I’ve never had a flu shot.

I don’t feel afraid when something is amiss in my body.

I know how to take care of my body and coach myself through any change that needs to be made

to bring myself back into balance when I’m out of balance. 


I’m ready to share this secret treasure chest with everyone, so that You, too,

can have the power of guiding yourself through any health, wellness and healing journey

at any point of your life. 


Denell has helped bring me from what I call “Marc version 4.0” to “Marc 8.0” in less than 5 months... A major feat...believe me! Have been with various therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists for 35 years. Without a doubt, Ms. Nawrocki has been the best for me.  ...especially because, with Denell, there are absolutely no medications to take! She possesses exactly what everyone – yes, everyone needs:  heart, soul, spirit, passion, compassion and empathy.   Denell not only owns those qualities, but also shares all of that with me.  She is so phenomenally gifted and giving and intuitive. She has helped me to be a better person and is assisting with and watching me achieve some major goals in my life. Denell is the best thing for anyone’s magic box of tools!

-Marc Weiss

I'm still the same me but somehow I sit within my body differently. More integrated. And more connected to the truth that my body knows what to do. I went from I can't to I can, I will, and I am restoring and healing. Through Denells support and guidance, which turned out to be a compass back to my own inner wisdom, I was finally able to recycle and re-examine outdated beliefs and habits... and as soon as I did that answers I have been seeking on my healing journey finally revealed themselves to me. It was actual magic. Modern alchemy. Denell swam with me in the depths of both my pain and my power... equally. And I am so so grateful. A deep bow to Denell and the beautiful way she works with us women.

As my wellness coach, Denell's support has been both compassionate and empowering. Our conversations validate my inner voice, which can be disregarded. Denell objectively reflects what I say through my mind, body, and spirit. I admire her authenticity and interconnectedness, characteristics for which I strive. I learned so much about how to structure my life and time to fit the  needs of my body, and to prioritize what was best for me vs. what other's thought was best for me. I'm forever grateful to have worked with Denell and learned these methods of guiding myself through healing and change.

-Leana Edwards
School Psychologist
-Karen Prosen
Therapist & Women's Guide


Deepen your knowledge about Integrative Health and Wellness is and how it can be applied to your everyday life (without needing to see a Naturopath or spend thousands of dollars on practitioners and coaches)

Know how to read the signs of your body via symptoms, pains, aches, and diagnosed conditions and know what to do about it

Understand the intricate connections between our mind, emotions and our body, and how they impact our wellness

Have a step-by-step blueprint as to how to approach any and all health conditions

Learn self-coaching techniques that you can engage in daily/weekly/monthly to keep you on track, activated, and excited about reaching your goals

Learn tools and motivational techniques to move through resistance, overwhelm, and desiring to give up

Then You Can't Let Yourself Miss This!

BONUS: Our Web of Healing:  When you join Vital Living, you’re automatically brought into Cervical Wellness’ private social network Our Web of Healing.


It’s like a Facebook group, but way better. There are hundreds of women already a part of the network, all who value a self-healing approach to their bodies and lives. Connect with others who are on this journey with you, and awaken to the growing web of women who are passionate about holistic and integrative health.

There are three modules, with three classes per module (9 classes),

with a tenth and final class to wrap it all up and have a closing experience together.

The course is brand new and all the lessons (but one) will be taught LIVE the first time we run it (this time).

After this round, the content we recorded in our LIVE lessons will become the pre-recorded curriculum for this course.  This is the only fully LIVE immersion experience that I currently offer.

During the seventh class we'll be taking a break from LIVE teaching. You'll have access to Lifestyle Medicine, a three hour Masterclass of Cervical Wellness, and Energetics of Unwellness & Disease, a 2 hour workshop. If you already have access to these from past courses you've participated in, this will be a good time to continue to deepen and integrate what has been taught in classes 1-6. There's no discount given for those who already have access to the Masterclass or workshop. We'll have a LIVE call to check in and answer any questions you may have from the pre-recorded content.​​


*Note: Below is but a skeletal framework for what wants to be taught. I will teach what feels most empowering

for us in the moment.  I LOVE this curriculum, and it is subject to become even more awesome, and possibly

have additional content.  


Foundations of Integrative Health & Wellness of Our Human Life


Introduction: Vital Living Vision

  • What to expect

  • Assessing where you are: Wellness Wheel & Other Assessment Tools

  • Visioning where you want to go

  • Setting ourselves up for success on this journey

  • Gathering your resources: Internal & External


Demystifying Health and Wellness

  • Health as a multidimensional aspect

  • Wellness as a continuum

  • Wellness Wheel

  • Wide world of healing and wellness

  • Seven principles of Integrative Health


The Human Body:

The Miracle of Our Life

  • Whole Body Organism

  • Bioindividuality

  • The Systems of the Body

  • What affects the body?

  • Other perspectives of the Body