The Dark Goddess Within

 Flower & Gem Essence Blend 

An Elixir for the One Who's Ready to Unleash

Essences work on the subtle layers of our emotional and spiritual bodies

Unlike consuming the physical body of the plant or mineral which effects our physical body, working with the essence of said plant or mineral slowly and gradually shifts the energetics of our life.

Essences are created by resting the plant or mineral in water, and allowing the energy to encode the water for 12-24 hours. None of the physical components of the plant or mineral are found in the essence, making them safe to consume (even when poisonous plants or minerals are used). A very small amount of 100 proof grain alcohol is included for preservation.

Recent research has shown two very interesting things about water: Water has a memory, and is an excellent carrier of information. Essences are water encoded with the energetic imprint of the plant, crystal or mineral, and we're able to uptake the information into our body. Given that our body is 70% water, the use of essences is a powerful way to bring in the healing properties of plants, mineral and crystal directly into our sacred anatomy.

Every essence in this blend was created under the light of a full-moon,

also encoding the energy of the full-moons and darkness.

The light of the full moon imbues these essences with illumination and ancient Goddess codes.

The Dark Goddess Within Blend

is an essence blend designed to awaken and activate

the dark goddess energy within you.

What is Dark Goddess Energy?

The Dark Goddess is the Dark Feminine, the mystery, the black void of potential creation found within each and every person.


Dark Goddess energy is akin to the smoldering coals of a fire, the generative potential from which life is created and the old is destroyed.


Dark Goddess energy is the container of the life-death-rebirth process.


Dark Goddess energy is the energy of the cervix.

Deep within our body lies the force of creation and destruction.

The Divine Intelligence of this force can be tapped into in any moment for our highest good.

When we awaken to the secret language of our body and learn to decipher it's messages,

we find ourselves living a life full of confidence, power and awakening.
Our cervix holds the codes to this force within us, that only we can harness for ourselves.

No one else can do this for us.

No one else can understand the ancient language found deep within this darkened well.

This Essence Elixir Blend guides us into this awakening.

I was afraid, for a very very long time, of the Dark Goddess within me.⁠

I was afraid of the power in the damp and balmy soil of my womb, the primordial embers smoldering deep within me, pulsating and yearning to be unleashed.⁠

It wasn't until I embarked on a very potent solo 🍄 medicine journey by a fire I built by myself did the full force of this Darkness revealed itself to me as The Dark Goddess itself.⁠

This ancient-beyond-reasoning Creatrix of all the Universe showed me that it's the repression and fear of this energy that's proliferated reproductive and pelvic issues around the world, and when combined with the millennia of suppression and painful-trauma inflicted on the female body at the hands of patriarchy, generated a world where the Dark Feminine has nowhere to express except in disease and illness.⁠

Through working with the cervix, doorway and portal through which we can healthfully tend to this ancient primordial generative energy within us, we can begin to unlock our ability to allow the Dark Goddess it's space within our lives.⁠

Through inviting in the energies of these plants, minerals and water, are we guided to allow this generative power to unleash within our lives in the most perfect of ways.

What is in this elixir blend?

Datura stramonium

Datura stramonium, also known as thorn apple, is a night-time flowering plant with entheogenic (psychoactive) qualities. This plant is considered sacred by the Pomo and Miwok tribes of northern California. Throughout many tribes of north, central and south America, Datura is known as ‘Grandmother’ and ‘Little Old Woman’. Datura is known to be a doorway to the underworld and can hold the light as well (the blossoms bloom at night and remain open throughout the sunrise). 


Datura flower essence will help you go into the deep shadow of the unconscious, and help reveal what is hidden there. Like a loving but fierce Grandmother, Datura will safely guide you to the parts of yourself that you’ve hidden away from, and help you bring them to the light. This essence is a powerful ally on the cervical healing journey, and can aid in repatterning negative beliefs about one’s self and clear away old debris of past experiences held within the pelvis.

Apple Blossom

Apple tree is considered the tree of healing. The phrase ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ comes from the knowing that the energy of the apple tree is one of vitality, wellness, and life. The Apple tree is said to be a direct portal to the sacred island of Avalon, and all the healing magic found in this ancient land.


Apple blossom essence brings the energy of rejuvenation, renewal, and inner-beauty. This essence purifies emotions and restores a sense of inner health. It is also beneficial when faced with health issues or bad health habits.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a crystal with an extremely powerful energy of boundaries and protection. 


This essence helps purify one’s energy from any unwanted or unhealthy patterns, and neutralizes one’s own negative thought patterns and internal conflicts which may hold you back from unleashing your potential. This essence transforms these patterns into positive, useful, and generative energy.


Gold is a metal of the highest frequency and vibration, and considered a conductor of spiritual energy.


This essence is a powerful supporter of the heart and allows our heart-intelligence to transfer down into our pelvis to guide us to birth our heart’s desires. It opens up the channels for our personality to make contact with our higher self.

*Both the black tourmaline and gold essences were created in combination with a

quartz crystal, which helps amplify the energetic potential.

Other Sacred Liquids in this Elixir

Mt. Shasta Spring Water

Mt. Shasta is dormant volcano Northern California.  This vortex is said to be the doorway to Telos, a sacred crystal city inside the mountain as well as a doorway to the center of the Earth. Legends say that the people of Lemuria fled to this site as their land began to sink, and that one can meet many Ascended Masters who roam the landscape. The indigienous people of the land - Shasta, Wintu, Achumawi, Atsugewi and Modoc tribes- all herald the mountain as a highly sacred site. The Wintu say it is the center of the universe.

Mountain hold energy akin to ancient Grandmothers. Mt. Shasta- being a dormant volcano- holds the codes of latent generative energy; lava and molten primordial beginnings resting below the surface of the body of the mountain. When we connect with the waters of Mt. Shasta, not only are we connecting with Lemurian energy , but with ancient Fire-Goddess energetics as well.

This water was harvested by me straight from the source as it poured out of the Earth. The Dark Goddess Within elixir contain water from this sacred mountain.

Rose Water

Rose is the ultimate plant of the feminine and of the Goddess. This plant contains all facets of the Goddess within: From the pillowy soft petals and sensuous scent (the beauty of the Dark Goddess), to the sharp thorns, rigid stem, and serrated leave (boundaried, protective nature of the Dark Goddess). Rose is a powerful medicine of the heart, and guides us into all facets of our Dark Goddess nature.

A splash of Rosewater was added to each bottle to seal in the potency of awakening the sacred Dark Goddess energy within our bodies.

Cost for 1 bottle of 1 oz/ 30 ML


$44 USD

(s&h included)

Very limited amount available

USA orders only as of right now due to COVID-19 impact on shipping.

Upon receiving the bottle, you'll be linked to a private web page where you'll find a special guided visualization to listen to while you imbibe this essence elixir. You can listen to it as many times as you'd like. There are also journal questions below (and will be included on the page with the meditation) to explore as you invite the energies and frequencies to

alchemize the water in your body to allow the Dark Goddess Within to find a place in your life.

How to use this essence elixir?

Place 3-5 drops either in a glass of water or directly under the tongue,

1-3x day until the bottle is complete.

Journal questions to reflect upon throughout the duration of the bottle:

What has been hidden within the darkness of my inner-world,

ready to be brought to light?

What is awakening within the primordial embers of my body?

What patterns are being healed and reworked within me?

What is the truth of my highest potential?

© 2020 by Denell Nawrocki.

Photography by Marisa Pfenning Photography, Misha Miller Fotografi, All Rights Reserved

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