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With Cervical Wellness, people are reversing their diagnosis, healing their cervix...


...and experiencing life-changing connection, with their  body.

I'm so happy to have taken the steps towards a real relationship with my cervix; my sacred portal. I have spoken to her, touched her lovingly, held deep lovemaking sessions with her as central focus, and now seen her with my own eyes. Understanding a whole body, mind, spirit connection in regards to healing was something I've so longed to hear, feel in person, and discuss with others. I gained such a knowledge base through Denell’s facilitation, and felt safe sharing myself with you and the platform she created. Thank you Denell.

-Marissa Waraska, Writer/ Publisher, Smoke Blood Publishing Co.

"I didn't even know what exactly a cervix was before my time with Denell, and I certainly didn't spend time consciously thinking about my reproductive health in a loving way. With the help of Denell, I have cultivated a practice of embracing my divine role as priestess of love--the core of which is accepting the responsibility of being the ONLY person responsibility for the decisions I make about my body. Denell is inspiring. She is bravely sharing her own experience and HPV-healing journey with the world to help other women, and for that I am so grateful."

-A past client who wishes to remain anonymous


This information helped me not only feel better about my diagnosis, but led me to healing so much so that my doctors are no longer worried! I was at a high CIN II with many other complications. With Denell's guidance and Cervical Wellness information & tools, I was able to completely reverse this diagnosis and improve my health over all! I've become an advocate for the cervix and tell everyone in my life about this incredibly important information. Thank you Denell!

-Past client who wishes to remain anonymous

I didn't know why I would need to heal my cervix or that I could even connect to it! I just knew that this program and Denell's energy called to me. I loved being guided through powerful meditations which really helped me connect more deeply to my inner knowing, my intuition, my voice, and my body. As a facilitator, Denell was fantastic. The way she compassionately held space for so many women to go through so many transformations, was beautifully inspiring!

-Dana Wendel

Before this program this program, I felt very anxious about my CIN 3 condition. I was fearful, holding back a lot of emotions, clueless about my ancestral past. I loved all the information I received, I loved the non judgmental support from our circle, I loved the time I had every week for myself. I learned that I have so much power inside of me that I didn’t know. This work has literally changed me. I hope to heal myself and share as much as I can to perpetuate what you started. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Thais Nogueira, graphic designer/ Aryuvedic practitioner, NY

I feel more connected to my body and sacred female architecture than ever before! I now know my power and can use my voice to set my boundaries. I feel like I am a new Woman!

- Past client who wishes to remain anonymous


​I loved having a circle of support, and also LOVED the meditations and visualizations that were given to us. I feel like this program not only helped me become more confident in my sexuality & ability to heal myself but also transferred in other areas like my business and my creativity levels as well! I feel more confident in my ability to heal myself and I’m so thankful for Denell wanting to do this work. She has inspired me to continue doing this work to not only heal myself but previous generations & future generations.

-Kaitlyn Appalsammy, Massage Therapist, TN

Before this program, I felt fearful, in pain and disconnected. I love the community that formed around this journey and bonding with the Women who were walking this path with me. Getting connected to my womb and the Earth helped me feel inspired to track my cycle better and to trust my intuition. Denell is such a strong, kind, passionate and vulnerable guide. I really valued the time I took for myself and the other women on our weekly meetings and made it a priority to show up and come as I am to each meeting.

-A dear Sister who wishes to remain anonymous

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For me CWO has been a life-changing experience. It helped me address all the issues that I had felt overwhelmed by for a long time. I learned that I am brave and strong. I feel now connected to my body and to the earth. I know that my body wants to heal. I learned how important it is to make time for myself. 

It´s amazing how the course addresses the topic of cervical wellness in an all-encompassing way. I loved how fields like science, history, alternative medicine, psychology and meditation are crafted together to provide a wholistic view on cervical dysplasia.

-Leoni Schütz, Germany 

Before joining this program I felt insecure and wounded, yet now I feel like I have gained a deeper level of understanding for my female body and how to love her. Denell is amazing, compassionate, and she really knows this information. I am infinitely grateful for this program.

-Maggie Moreland