This community offering comes from deep in my blood and bones

I'll tell the story as to what brought me to this place at the beginning of each circle, and is not something I wish to put here online.


In short, this offering of holding space for the darker, unspoken, potentially hidden, 'forgotten', lost, and heavy stories of the female body is my way of healing my own pain in my womb. It's time that these very real experiences of our lives have an opportunity to be shared and expressed, and held in a container of loving people who want nothing more than to see you thrive.


I'm calling in those who are ready to sit in circle and through the power of Story, transform and transmute those dark veils into love and empowerment.

*Note: This is not therapy. This is a space to witness and to share, but not to go through an entire process in. If you're needing more support than we can provide in this circle, I invite and highly encourage you to seek out and ask for more help. If you need support in this asking, please see me at the end of the circle.

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© 2018 by Denell Nawrocki.

Photography by Karen Prosen, Tiny Glow Photo & Denell Nawrocki, Marisa Pfenning Photography ,All Rights Reserved

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