The Sacred Portal Immersion

Tending to the Dark Goddess Within

Oct 9-14, 2019
Pahoa, Big Island, Hawaii
Reconnecting to the Dark Feminine
Through the Cervix

Three years ago on Summer Solstice I found myself on the Island of Maui preparing to abort a pregnancy all by myself. I’d planned the solo-trip to the island in celebration of finishing grad-school, and fate had it that previous attempts to release the pregnancy while back at home in California failed. My Beloved asked me if I wanted him to come with me, but something deep within me told me that I needed to go alone.


The night of my arrival to Maui I held ceremony for myself as I inserted and ingested the tablets my OB gave me the day before my flight, and prayed to the Spirit of Pele, Earth-fire Goddess of the Hawaiian Islands, to guide me through the journey.


I had been on an initiation with Pele for three years leading up to that moment in the wake of naively taking lava-stones from Kauai back home with me in California. A lot unfolded in those three years (of which all stones returned to the land) and Her fires of transformation brought me to that evening on Maui. In the season of the peak of fire on land created through fire, I let go of my own creative life-force fire back to the earth,in humbled penance for my wrong-doing. Over the next 5 days I bled and released the potential life onto the Island. On the 6th day a Voice began to speak to me.


The Voice said, “Dear One, your life-experience has primed you to do the work of guiding Women to remember the Dark Feminine within. Teach about the Cervix and the Sacred Portal that it is.”

Not but 4 months prior I had received my first clear pap in over 7 years and was reveling in my reconnection and remembrance of the power of my cervix. I felt deep within my body that this voice was Tutu Pele, sacred Earth-Fire Goddess of the land. She was calling me into stepping into the role that I find myself in today-:Voice, Guide and Teacher of Cervical Wellness.






I left the Islands knowing I had been given a great mission, and that my initiation into this mission was through the gifting of my unborn child to the Dark Goddess as an offering of my devotion to this work. 


Fast forward three years and the body of work that is known as Cervical Wellness is ready to return from where it began, this time to the site of the most recent activity of Pele herself- the Big Island of Hawaii.


I’m calling in 12 Women who are ready to join me to step through the portal to the Dark Goddess within and awaken to the

generative Earth-Fire energy found there.

You're Invited to

The Sacred Portal Immersion:

A Sacred Journey to Remember the Dark Feminine Within

- 4 nights, 5 days at the Feet of Pele -

© 2020 by Denell Nawrocki.

Photography by Marisa Pfenning Photography, Misha Miller Fotografi, All Rights Reserved

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