This guidebook was for all people who have Cervixes. The Cervix: Deepen Your Relationship goes into detail about the special role of the Cervix in the female body, what it means to have an abnormal pap/ HPV & Cervical Dysplasia diagnosis, as well as offers 5 steps to self heal the cervix without surgical intervention.

While the words Woman, Women, She & Her are used throughout this guidebook, I want all readers to know that this information is pertinent and valuable for all those who have female reproductive anatomy, regardless of how they identify themselves. I support and advocate for all those with cervixes to connect and take care of this special body part 

The author, Denell Nawrocki, is a Women's Wellness and Healing specialist who self healed from almost 7 years of abnormal paps, HPV and persistent cervical dysplasia. She succinctly describes what this means, offers insight to possible causes, and ways to connect to your cervix in order to heal. These include sample activities to engage in a loving relationship with the cervix. The booklet is 56 pages, making it easy to read. It contains step-by-step actions you can take to begin your healing journey. 

*A great gift to share with clients and friends!

The Cervix: Deepen Your Relationship in PDF