Sometimes all you need is some pertinent information, the right tools, and a listening ear to guide down your

path of self-healing...

These sessions are offered on a sliding scale basis.

My normal hourly rate is $350/hr for personalized guidance and attention.

 The sliding scale rate for these 1:1 sessions is​ $222, $278, $333, & $350.

Please pay what you can and know that when you receive direct attention from me, you're accessing years of experience and thousands of hours of working with women who are experiencing/have experienced HPV, cervical dysplasia.

All consultation sessions are booked for 60 minutes even if you feel like you don't have 60 minutes worth of questions. This provides opportunity for the session to evolve into coaching, mentorship or story-share.

I provide consultation calls on Tues and Thurs, between the hours of 10am - 6pm PST.

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What People Are Saying

(These testimonials are confidential given the sensitive nature of the consultations)

"Before speaking with you, I felt like I was carrying around a knot in my spine and body. I feel so much more confident. I feel like I have it in me to put in the work to dedicate myself to making this happen. I'm so much more confident in myself, my intuition, and my knowing that I can do this."

"Just got the surreal and wonderful news that I'm now HPV free and my cervical dysplasia is gone! I was first diagnosed with CIN2/3 and 2 high risk HPV strains in July 2017 and have been treating it naturally ever since. I wanted to thank you for being a resource and for being a bright light of hope and resilience around this topic. You are one of the few people who served as a role model and gave me the faith that IT COULD BE DONE. So thank you!" 

"I feel lighter. I will never doubt myself & the power we all have within us ever again."

Cancellation policy:

For a full refund, consultation clients must cancel 72 hours before our scheduled time by sending an email to and cancelling the Calendly calendar event.

If client cancels 24-48 hours before scheduled time, a 50% refund will be give.

If client cancels within 24 hours period of scheduled consult, no refund will be given. 

I look forward to supporting you on your healing journey in the best ways I know how!