Cervical Wellness Online

Masterclass Series

An 8-Week Online Program Designed to Leave You Feeling 


About Your Cervical Health

And Guide You Back to Clear Paps

There's a revolution happening in

Women's Health & Wellness

We're waking up to how we want our bodies treated.

We're remembering how Sacred we really are.

We're ready to take back control of our Body and health.

We see other's healing journeys and we want that for ourselves. WE are the ones we've been waiting for!


With all the stories and research coming out about all the ways our bodies have been harmed at the hands of Western medical practitioners, the time has come for you step forward in your power and take back control of your cervical health, your body autonomy, and your inherent self-healing abilities. This is BEYOND EXCITING!

Your time is NOW! For the first time in recorded history, we as Women have the opportunity to use our voices, stand up for our bodies, and do what we need to do to fully and completely heal our cervix.  NOW is the time to pull up our bootstraps, look at where in our lives we've fallen out of alignment with our inner-world,  come to an authentic truth about how we engage in sex, what our boundaries actually mean to us, and make the necessary changes to allow what our body does naturally...and that's regenerate and heal.

I believe you have everything inside of you to 100% heal from your diagnosis of HPV/ Cervical Dysplasia.  I believe in our Body and its drive to be healthy and well. I believe that this journey of healing yourself of the virus and condition will completely transform your relationship to your Body, your sexuality, and open your world up to incredible possibilities of pleasure, creativity, and power! I believe that HPV & Cervical Dysplasia are so prevalent today because we have been chosen to heal the lineage of sexual and reproductive pain of our Grandmothers- and that we will literally change the world through healing our Cervix.

But sometimes it can be hard to know where to start...

  • What does HPV & Cervical dysplasia even mean? What is the cervix and what's being affected?

  • How did this happen? How has my sexual past led to this? What can I do now?

  • What tools/herbs/practices can I use to help myself heal?

  • What do I need to work on in my inner world?

  • Do I need the LEEP? Do I need another colposcopy? What are my best next steps?

  • I want guided meditations and a step-by-step how-to...not more doctors telling me I am going to get cancer. How do I do this?

  • How do I figure out my body so I never have to deal with this again?

I'm going to share it all with you.

Get to know your cervix

Heal your cervix

Awaken the Power of your cervix

1.11.13 Exam_cleaned.JPG

It's hard to know what to look up or how to even approach feeling empowered when you havent been given permission to think about this place of your body.

It's hard to intuitively know where to even begin to keep the cervix healthy, especially if you had not even heard of the cervix until something was wrong.


It's hard to sift through the medical jargon online to find the real answer we are all wanting-


I believe we have the power to heal ourselves through our own Inner-Medicine. With the right information, tools, and support, we can ignite the fire within and bring ourselves to a state of health and wellness that we're told only doctor's can provide for us. We're so incredibly powerful!

I've figured out what exactly needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to the health of the cervix.  I've practiced all these tools and techniques, and changed my lifestyle to fit the needs of my cervical health.


I self-healed 7 years of HPV and cervical dyplasia all in the course of a 3 year journey.  Lucky for you, you don't have to wait that long to figure it out and to heal. 

I've done the hard part for you.


The Power Is 100% In Your Hands

All you have to do is be open and willing, to say YES to your Cervical Wellness.

So...are you ready to embark on a

Cervical Healing Journey?


We've Got This

The Masterclasses

Each Masterclass is between 2.5-3 hours.

You can purchase individual Masterclasses, 1-8.

As soon as you sign up you'll have access to the Masterclass video(s) that you purchased,

resources and community.

There will be no live sessions for this round of the Masterclass Series.

All community support can be found in the private Masterclass Series Circles

and greater community of Our Web of Healing.



Cervical Wellness: The Sex Ed You Never Received


This class is all about setting ourselves up for success with the right information.

We'll increase our Cervical literacy, initiate connection with our Body

in new and exciting ways, and learn what we can do right now to reverse our diagnosis.

  • Learn anatomy and physiology of the cervix

  • Purpose and roles of the cervix in the body (physical, emotional, spiritual)

  • What is HPV and cervical dysplasia? What does this diagnosis actually mean?

  • Cervix & The Vagus Nerve

  • Cervical Self-Care Basics: Beginning steps to take to improve the health of your cervix

Guided Meditations in the Class: Introduction to Your Cervix, Pearl of Intention for your Cervical Healing Journey



Energetics of an Abnormal Pap:

The Sacred Subtleties of HPV, Cervical Dysplasia and Female Reproductive Wellness


This class is all about addressing the underlying causes of

HPV, Cervical Dysplasia, and other sexual organ conditions. 

We'll get a better idea of how our energy, mindset, and relationships effect our

Cervical Health.

  • Energetics of Female Health

  • Energetics of HPV

  • Energetics of Cervical Dysplasia

  • Voice of the Body: What does this mean and how can we hear it?

  • Codependency & Cervical Dysplasia- A Brief Introduction

  • Tools to shift this energy

Guided Meditation: Pristine Regeneration of the Cervix



HERstory: Gynecological, Sexual, and Reproductive Histories

of You & Your Maternal Lineage, How They Impact Your Cervical Health,

and What You Can Do About It

grandma dunn et al.jpg

Experiences of the bodies of our Mother and Maternal Grandmothers have an effect on our own reproductive experiences in ways science is only just now beginning to understand.

Today we're finding that they're healing not only ourselves, but our family lines as well.


We'll have a better understanding of how what we're experiencing did not just start with us, and have tools to begin to process and integrate these cervical memories.

  • History of common practices in gynecology and cervical treatment vs. practices of the old waysWhat happened? How did we become so dis-empowered in our cervical health?

  • HERstory: The darkness we’re working with when we choose to heal our cervix ourselves

  • Sexual History Processing

    • Your penetrative history: Your Cervix Remembers!

    • Energetic penetration

  • Gynecological/Reproductive History Processing

    • What stories were hidden in the cervix of your Mother? Your Grandmother?​

  • Tending to Our Sacred Female Roots : Healing ourselves through remembering our direct maternal line

  •  3 Earth Connection practices to tend to your cervical sacred roots

Guided Meditation: Cervical memories of our Ancestors



Tools and Practices for Cervical Healing:

Ways to Engage in Your Inner and Outer Worlds on Behalf of

Your Cervical Health

Denell-00051 (2).jpg

You have the information and now you're ready to take action! But what to do? Where to get the supplies? How do I know it's high-quality and good for my cervix?

In this Masterclass we'll learn about all the tools I've come across that are beneficial for the cervical healing journey. This is the ultimate tool-box creating workshop for your cervix!

  • Outer World Tools for Cervical Healing

    • Story as Medicine

    • Supplements

    • Plant Medicine/ Herbalism: Which plants and how to use them

    • Coffee Enemas: Why would you want to do a coffee enema and the power of blood & liver cleansing for Cervical Health

    • Jade eggs & Crystal Wands

    • Many more!

  • Inner World Tools

    • Meditations/ Visualization: Where and how to focus your inner healing energy to serve your cervix

  • Nature As Medicine: Tips, Tools and Practices to Engage with the More than Human World on Behalf of Your Healing

  • Oath of Self Love and Self Advocacy

*Receive PDF with link to sources for all the tools.

*Receive a bundle of Downloadable MP3  meditations for cervical healing.

*Receive a workbook with journal prompts to guide you along on your journey.



Lifestyle Medicine:

The Sure-fire Way to Think About Your Life So You Never Worry

About Abnormal Paps Again


How do we incorporate all this into a sustainable lifestyle that will take us to where we want to go- a fully healed version of ourselves?

Here we'll learn about what it takes to change our habits and make a plan for how we're going to continue on this path (because we all know how easy it is to stray).

  • What is Lifestyle Medicine and how can I begin to incorporate it now?

  • Healing 101

    • What does ‘healing’ even mean’?

  • Treatment vs. Healing

  • Three Keys to Reversing Your Diagnosis for GOOD

  • Stages of Change and Transformation we all cycle through

  • Setting yourself up for success: Scheduling healing in your life

  • The Importance of Integration

  • Commitment vs Devotion

Guided Meditation: Fully Healed You

*Receive a printable workbook which guides you through the nuts and bolts of curating your lifestyle to meet the needs of your cervix





Codependency, the Cervix & Reclaiming Your True-Self


What happens when we lose connection to Who We Actually Are and

how can our cervix bring us back home?

This Masterclass opens the doorways of connection to our True-Self via our cervix.
​⁣We must face the shame and false-self, anchor into our body, and allow our Authentic essence to shine.⁣

  • What is Codependency and how might it be affecting your Cervical Health?

  • Codependency 101

  • Codependency and the Cervix

  • Shame Core, People Pleasing & Anchoring in the Cervix

  • Tools to Support

  • Vagus Nerve & Using Our Voice to Heal the Cervix

Guided Meditation: Anchoring into the Cervix to Reclaim the Sense of Our True Self

*Receive bundle of three downloadable MP3 Meditations to use when in a shame spiral, when Codependent behaviors are heightened, and to anchor more deeply to the cervix



Remembering and Unleashing the Dark Goddess Within:

Cervix, the Dark Goddess and Our Maternal Lineage


The Dark Goddess, the Dark Feminine, the mystery, the black void

are all concepts which have been feared by patriarchal culture. For too long this aspect of Power has been repressed and is the medicine that our world right now needs. 

In this class you'll be introduced to the Dark Goddess through the lens of our own Body.

You'll be guided to remember and integrate this aspect of yourself so as to unleash your latent power within.

  • Who is the Dark Goddess and why now? Why is this important?

  • The Cervix & the Dark Goddess: How are they related and what does this mean?

  • Our direct maternal lineage and the Dark Goddess

    • What has happened with the Repression & Forgetting?

  • The vital medicine that is Active Remembering

  • Repression→ UNLEASH, Remember, Release

  • 5 Invitations to Step into the Portal and Unleash the Dark Goddess within

Guided Meditation: Tapping into the Caged Animal within Our Womb

*I’ll share a song with you that came through as an Anthem of the remembrance of the Dark Goddess within. I invite you to sing it as often as feels good



Heal Our Cervix, Heal the World:

The Politics of the Cervical Healing Journey and How Reclaiming Our Cervix

Will Change Everything

It's no small coincidence that the most powerful aspect of the female body has been shrouded in darkness and fear for the past two millennia. So what happens when we begin to remember, activate, and live our lives connected to our cervix?

In this final class of the series we'll explore the greater ripples of change that are initiated when we as individuals choose to heal our relationship with our cervix.

We'll look at some the pathways in which cervix work is a change-initiator, and together

we'll brainstorm and co-create a vision of a better future.

  • The Collective Forgetting of the Cervix

  • The Energetics of the Human Voice and its connection to the Cervix

  • Cervix work as a form of activism

    • Commodification of the Womb & Cervix

  • Cervix work as a path to sovereignty

    • Modern gynecology as a quiet form of enslavement​

  • Interpersonal justice

    • Reclaim Body : Reclaim Self​

  • The Collective visioning of a New World, with Cervix our Guide​​

Guided Meditation: Activating the Cervix Warrior of the Light Within

Denell-00412 (1).jpg


I love adding new content to CWO MS to keep it relevant and fresh with everything I learn about the Cervical Healing Journey. Some of this content is found no-where else and is exclusive to those who have said YES to joining the whole series.

Bonus Content Includes:

  • All educational !:1 interviews from previous version of Cervical Wellness Online​ about tools and resouces for your cervical health

  • Energetic Infrastructure of Unwellness & Disease Webinar

    • ​A webinar looking at and addressing the underlying internal infrastructure holding up your diagnosis / unwellness/ disease/ condition in your body. Come away from the webinar with action steps and journal prompts to redesign your inner-world to only support health, wellness, and vitality.

  • ​Partnership While Healing Audio

    • ​This is an interview I gave with my husband about what it was like for him to be in partnership with me while I was embarked on my cervical healing journey. It gives a male perspective of what it's like to hold space for us while we heal.

  • Access to Cervix Codes Video Bundle

You're SO capable and worthy of 

Healing Your Cervix

These Masterclasses are for you if...

  • You have a cervix.

  • You've been diagnosed with HPV and/or cervical dysplasia (CIN I/II/III) and KNOW in your heart that there is more that can be done to help you.

  • You've not been diagnosed with anything but you want to know how to keep your cervix healthy and well in order to feel amazing in your body and avoid abnormal paps.

  • You're ready to finally know and understand what is going on inside your body and what you can do to help yourself.

  • You're inspired to take a holistic, self-healing route to your gynecological health.


  • You're ready to persevere and truly heal yourself, once and for all.

Denell-00398 (1).jpg

Meet Your Guide

Denell Barbara

Teacher + Voice of Cervical Wellness

Hi friend! I'm the creator and conduit for Cervical Wellness, a Women's Wellness education platform inspired by the beauty and sacredness of female reproductive anatomy.

I'm devoted to healing the Feminine Body- both human and Earth- through love, remembrance, and connection.


I know that once we understand the power that lies within our pelvic bowls and take passionate action in our lives, our world will change for the better.

My 10 year journey on the path of health, wellness, healing, remembrance and consciousness exploration has brought me to a place of deep understanding...and internal fire.

I've come to see quite clearly how little we're told about our cervix, and even more so are how little we're taught to be sovereign in them.

This masterclass series is the culmination of my journey with the cervix, and my offering of service to the greater whole. I know that the lives and perspectives of the those who experience these classes will shift, and it's my intention for you to come away feeling even more sovereign and empowered on your healing path.

Cervical Wellness_Logo_Gold.png

Our Web of Healing

Social Network

The Cervical Wellness Online Masterclass series has moved to a new home, and can now be found within our private social network called Our Web of Healing.

Our Web of Healing was designed by Denell to be a space where women who value a self-healing approach to reproductive health can connect with and find inspiration from others who are on their cervical healing journey. This social network is called a 'Mighty Network' and is like a facebook group but times 111 and with ZERO ads or data collection. When you sign up for any part of the Masterclass series, you'll be automatically brought into Our Web of Healing.

'Mighty Networks' has an app you can download, so you can sign in to the community and go through material on any device with ease!


Each Masterclass has its own unique private group within the network.and those who choose to sign up for the whole thing are invited to join the original Cervical Wellness Online private group, where you can find lots of additional resources and past conversations as well.

Are You Ready to Dive in to your Cervical Healing Journey?

When you join CWO MS, you receive 24+ hours of video & audio content, workbooks and resources, and a private community! 

(Stats are for all 8 classes)

This incredible revolutionary approach to cervical health is a wellspring of empowering education and valued at over



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*By purchasing any part of CWO MS, you're agreeing to these Terms.


I don't have HPV, Cervical Dysplasia, or abnormal paps.

Is this info for me?

If you have/had a cervix, this Masterclass series is for you. Having this knowledge will forever change the way you think about and relate to your body in a positive and beneficial way. There is no pre-requisite to have this diagnosis, although I do share content specifically for abnormal pap smears. 

What if I have questions for you after the class?

I will be available for questions in the Cervical Wellness Online Private Group in the Our Web of Healing Social Network, which is made available for those who sign up for the entire course.

Those who sign up for individual Masterclasses will be invited to join the network, and the individual private groups for the Masterclasses. I will not be as present in these groups as in Cervical Wellness Online, but

you may pose your questions to the network for community support :)

I also have 1:1 session availability, which you can sign up for here.

I had surgery on my cervix and now I feel scared and sensitive.

Is this course safe for me?

This course is a gentle yet potent introduction to your cervix and body in a way that has never been presented before. You can go at your own pace to keep your body feeling safe when engaging in the invitations, meditations, workbooks, and course material. I encourage all participants to listen to their body, and to face the fear inside of them. Do you feel a pull to this material? Is there a Yes inside of you? I invite you to follow this. This is where healing and growth happen.

I don't have my cervix anymore due to surgical removal.

Will this series help me?

We can still work with the energy of the cervix even if the physical organ is no longer present in the body. While the physical self-touch practices may not be suitable for you, all of the information, practices, meditations, resources and community will support you on your healing journey. We can still learn to love and honor our body on behalf of the rest of us which still remains, and connecting to cervical energy will help with this.

I'm trans and I still have a cervix.

Is this for me?

I invite and welcome any and all people with a cervix to join this Masterclass series. I do use some binary language throughout the content, but that doesn't mean the health information is not pertinent to you. My goal in my work is to help all people with a cervix. While I cannot speak for everyone else in Our Web of Healing, I know for myself I'd love to have a broader conversation in our network about the lived gynecological experience of trans and gender fluid people. If you have questions or concerns, pleaseo reach out to us at


It is my greatest honor to share this information with you.

When I was in the middle of my healing journey, I  never imagined that I would be here,

sharing what I learned with the world. This information is VITAL for pelvic health and is what

every single cervix owner needs to know in order to keep themselves healthy and well.


Being sovereign & empowered in our gynecological health is what our world needs.

When we are in control of our bodilyexperiences and feel 100% control of what happens, we are healing the millennia-long cycle of not being in control of our Bodies and well-being.


This is for all the times we felt disempowered & fearful in the doctor's office.

This is for all the times we felt shame regarding out body and its functions.

This is for all the people who felt they didn't have a choice because

they didn't have all the information.

Here's the information. Are you ready for your Cervical Healing Journey?

May your healing journey be blessed.

With so much love,

Denell​  Barbara