You feel the calling deep within your body:

Your Cervix is yearning for love, attention, and connection.

You know this is something that you’re ready to dive into-

the work of dropping fully into your pelvis, of unlocking the stories deep within your pelvic bowl, and of reclaiming your cervix for yourself. 

You can feel the tug towards complete body sovereignty,

and it feels exhilarating

There have been times when you sat in front of your altar or on your bed and have tried to do this deep inner-connection work.

You listened to the guided meditations.

You followed the step-by-step instructions.

You went back again and again to that one insta post where others were sharing in comments their tips and tricks too.

You’ve search everywhere and tried all you could, but there always seemed to be something missing:

A piece of the puzzle that seems so elusive that it feels like a whisper. 

When you take a few breaths into the space where this feeling of the missing piece resides, a vision comes over you of a sacred circle, with a fire, and you and

all the women you love doing these practices with you.


You feel how the collective energy of women doing this work together made the practices seamless, powerful and WAY more potent that could ever be cultivated only on our own.


You can feel the influence of the others on your own sense of ability,

and the places where you once felt sticky in practice and exploration now unfurls smoothly.


In this vision you witness others on the path of practice and this brings you a

profound sense of hope.


These are the women who are changing the world,

and you recognize that you’re one of these women too

Hi Friends, 

I’m Denell Barbara and I’ll never forget what happened to my cervical healing journey once I began a regular cervical embodiment practice


Before making cervix embodiment a priority in my healing, I was primarily focused on my lifestyle: the foods I ate, the supplements I took, the exercise I did every morning, the herbs I put into my vagina, and the meditations I was trying out. 


I felt like I was doing everything I could to heal my cervix and reverse my abnormal paps. 

At this time in my life I was also going through a personal sexual revolution. I'd grown out of the ways in which my partner and I engaged in sex (I felt bored, uninspired, and seriously lacking libido),

and I could feel that a newer, sexier, sultrier version of me was ready to be unleashed

I signed up for all the free tantra opt-ins I could, I watched endless hours of youtube videos from sex gurus and I listened to dozens of podcast episodes about feminine sexual power. I read books, I did breathwork, I practiced with the jade egg, I invited my partner to try new things with me….

and I still found myself crying in frustration still feeling bored, unspired and lacking of libido

I felt like I was doing everything I could to ‘fix’ my sex life.


Prioritizing cervix embodiment changed everything for me.

And then I tried cervix embodiment with other women present...






A monthly membership for people

who are ready to step into the next level of their cervical healing journey.

You’re ready to prioritize your pelvic healing.
You’re ready to practice alongside other women.
You’re ready to deepen your knowledge of your
own body.

The way we’re going to transform the world we’re in is by no longer remaining alone and solitary in our pelvic healing practices. 

Here's what's going down...

I’m going to guide you every month on an embodiment focus and practice designed to support the healing of your cervix and entire pelvic bowl (which then ripples out to your whole body!). 

How awesome will it be to not have to think about what to practice, but to just show up and be guided in focus for the month?


We’re going to traverse our inner-landscape through breath, movement and touch all with the intention of pouring love and connection into every cell of our female form.

This love and connection, when held within an exclusive container such as this, is primed to support your body in all that it needs for your cervical healing journey.

Some of the monthly themes we'll be exploring include:

Coming Face to Face with Our Cervix

Opening the Heart through Cervical Self-Touch
Embodying our Queen
Cervix Activation for Pleasure
Mother-line Tending
Earth Dreaming through the Cervix 
Awakening the Inner-Muse

Are you ready to take your womb and yoni healing practices

to the next level?

Are you ready to know and understand yourself in a way

that’s revolutionary to your life?

Are you ready to do this in the company of other women?

Are you ready to do catalyze yourself on the path of

Cervix Remembrance in 2020?

Let's do this together!

When you join the Cervix Embodiment Circle, each month you'll receive:

  • 1 90 minute Live Embodiment Circle Practice session

  • 1 75 minute Q&A and community sharing session

  • 1 MP3 to continue the practice throughout the month

  • Relevant PDFs and other resources to go along with each month’s theme when right

You'll also receive:

  • Access to Our Web of Healing, an online social network for women who value a self-healing approach to reproductive health

  • Access to Denell for questions via the private Cervix Embodiment Circle group in Our Web of Healing

  • Recordings of all sessions, MP3s & relevant resources will live in the Cervix Embodiment Circle group for easy access

  • Other potential inspirations from Denell as each month’s theme unfolds!

Note: The private group for the Cervix Embodiment Circle is for questions about the practices and what’s shared in the month’s theme. Denell is not available for coaching or consulting about HPV or cervical dysplasia in this offering. Please check out the  Masterclass Series or book a consultation for guidance and support for abnormal pap smears.

​One of my main intentions with Cervical Wellness is to normalize devotion and connection to our body for the purpose of healing. It’s high time that we with female bodies come out of the closet of shame surrounding the practices which help us become healthier, higher versions of ourselves.

Let us come together as a community and do this work together. As someone who has felt the immense power of doing cervix and pelvic bowl embodiment work in the company of other women, I can assure you that without a doubt this is the work of our times.



We all know that when women gather, magic happens.

Now envision that magic and amplify it by 1,000 when we touch, breath and move with our cervixes together. 

Total Cost for Membership:

$43.99/  month

By signing up for this membership program, you're agreeing to these Terms of Service

Time & Dates for the first two months:

March: Coming Face to Face with Our Cervix
Practice Session: Thur Mar 19, 4 pm PST

Community Call: Sun Mar 29, 10 am PST

April: Opening the Heart through Cervical Self-Touch
Practice Session: Thurs Apr 16, 4pm PST
Community Call: Sun Apr 26, 10 am PST


This is for you if:

  • You enjoy gathering with other women

  • You’re open and curious about intravaginal practices

  • You can feel inspired through digital content

  • You’re open and willing to try new things when it comes to your body

  • You have a support system outside of this membership circle to support you if anything big comes up for you 

  • You have access to the internet and can watch videos from YouTube on whatever device you own 

  • You’re able to pay the monthly subscription fee on time

  • You’re willing to sign up for a social network (NOT social media) and to check in on the private group for updates, links and other forms of communication

This is not for you if:

  • You’re looking for 1:1 support through your cervical healing

  • You don’t work well in a digital environment

  • You’re easily triggered and you don’t have a support system set up yet 

  • You’re looking for support to reverse abnormal pap smears

  • The monthly subscription fee feels like too much and like it will be a struggle to pay

  • You’re not willing to sign up for another social network and don’t want another place to go to check on communication


​Given that Cervical Wellness is an international community, I’ll do my best to schedule the LIVE sessions at convenient times for various time-zones throughout the months, but know that it’s not guaranteed that the LIVE sessions will be at a time that’s convenient for you. All the recordings will be housed in the private group within Our Web of Healing, and Denell is available for questions there as well. 

Members who cannot make the LIVE practice and community sessions are invited to make their own sharing videos to post in the group so that their faces can be seen and voices heard by the rest of our Cervix Embodiment community.

All communication will be held through the private group within Our Web of Healing. I will not be sending out emails in regards to the LIVE sessions, resources, session recordings or anything having to do with the Circle. All updates, etc will be notified to you via Our Web of Healing.

Our Web of Healing is a Mighty Network, which you can download an app for on your phone. If you choose to join us, check out ‘Mighty Networks’ in your app-store and download it. This way you can have easy access to check in on updates, announcements, links, etc.


How much is it per month?

$43.99/month charged on the same day of the month as when you sign up

Are there any scholarships or sliding scale options?

There are no scholarships or sliding scale options available for this offering at this time.

What are the requirements to join?

There are no formal requirements, however, in order to reap the benefits of this offering, you must have an openness and be willing to try new things with your body.

Do I need any supplies?

A crystal dildo wand will be helpful for some of the embodiment practices, but not necessary. You can order one here. I've also used an organic carrot w/ a condom or peeled organic cucumber to use for intravaginal work before I had a crystal wand.

How will I be notified of up-coming live practice sessions?

All communication will be done through the private Cervix Embodiment group within Our Web of Healing. There will be no email communication.

What happens if I miss the live sessions?

Each session will be recorded and stored in the private Cervix Embodiment group to be watched and practiced with as many times as you desire.

I've haven't felt so aligned with an offering since the first time I ran Cervical Wellness Online.

Every time I think about and feel into meeting with you monthly to do these practices, my whole Being lights up! 

I truly feel that this work is what will initiate the revolution all of us are dreaming of because we're revolutionizing ourselves!

My vision is for 100,000 women to be connected to and embodied in their cervix, and once this happens, the world as we know it will greatly change for the better.

I'm SO EXCITED to go on this monthly journey together!

xoxo Denell

© 2020 by Denell Nawrocki.

Photography by Marisa Pfenning Photography, Misha Miller Fotografi, All Rights Reserved

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