Sex Education 

The Information We Need to Know

Most people never learned what the Cervix is or why they should even care about it.

We go into the doctor's office for our
pap-smears and have no idea of what is being checked,

or why it even matters.

It's hard to know something matters when you can't see it, and no one ever talks about it.

Cervical Wellness information, workshops and events are to 
Inform, Empower, and Educate
Female-bodied people as to 
how to take care of and heal the Cervix,
​and why it is important to do so.
It is a form of activism to take back control of our gynecological health, and to empower ourselves as Females to know our Body, and how to take care of it.
For Health and Personal Sovereignty. 

It's time we talk about the Cervix

What People Are Saying:

"A most educational and sensitively presented journey into the history of women's reproductive health care and the development of "modern" gynecology, that you wouldn't want to miss.  Denell is no stranger to using the power of her voice and the courage of her convictions to argue back to the medical system, while advocating for her own right to personal choices. I honor Denell's professional skills as a truly unique and highly competent role model in the field of women's reproductive health. Those of us, young or elder, would do well to learn, be reminded to speak up, stand up and appreciate "the rest of the story" we were never told by anyone. Her timely message reminds us that we have a Right to health & medical information, education an culturally appropriate quality health care."

Phyllis Bala / Doctor of Indigenous Medicine

"I really cant say enough about our session, it really peeled back the veil of what modern medicine tries to hide, and really that is our own power to heal and be healed. I feel less stressed about the situation and have a lot less anxiety about going to a doctor, and I know that is from what I learned with Cervical Wellness. I am taking back my power, and I am excited to keep on this path."

Elizabeth / Yoga Teacher

Begin Your Healing Journey Today. 

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The Cervix:

Deepen Your Relationship

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