Sex Education 

The Information We Need to Know

Most people never learned what the Cervix is or why they should even care about it.

We go into the doctor's office for our
pap-smears and have no idea of what is being checked,

or why it even matters.

It's hard to know something matters when you can't see it, and no one ever talks about it.

Cervical Wellness information, workshops and events are to 
Inform, Empower, and Educate
Female-bodied people as to 
how to take care of and heal the Cervix,
​and why it is important to do so.
It is a form of activism to take back control of our gynecological health, and to empower ourselves as Females to know our Body, and how to take care of it.
For Health and Personal Sovereignty. 

It's time we talk about the Cervix