The Cervix: Deepen Your Relationship

A Guidebook to Heal HPV and Cervical Dysplasia

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The Cervix: Deepen Your Relationship goes into detail about the special role of the Cervix in the female body, what it means to have an abnormal pap/ HPV & Cervical Dysplasia diagnosis, and gives 5 steps to to take to heal the cervix without needing to have any surgery or procedure.

While the words Woman, Women, She & Her are used throughout this guidebook, I want all readers to know that this information is pertinent and valuable for all those who have female reproductive anatomy, regardless of how they identify themselves. I support and advocate for all those with cervixes to connect and take care of this special body part 


The booklet is 56 pages, making it easy to read. It contains step-by-step actions you can take to begin your healing journey. 

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What People Are Saying

"What truly impacted me the most (to the point of tears) is the way you describe our relationship with our cervix should be. After I read the entire booklet, I was like, "holy hell, why have I've been ignoring my sacred portal?" It was truly an awakening... a shakti awakening. I placed my hand near my cervix and I cried and cried as I heard my cervix say "finally, you hear me...finally you truly see me!" So, what I liked best was the moment I became conscious of my power within."

"Just the fact that it exists is a miracle in and of itself. I loved its attempt to remind us that all of our body is important and that our fears or societies attitudes about parts of our bodies shouldn't stop us from being healthy. I also loved that the book acknowledged that not all Woman have cervixs and that a Man can have one also."

"I love the way the health information is given in a way that reassures rather than scares the reader - the history of modern gynelogical practices helps the reader understand the historical context behind approaches to women's health. Finally, healing is presented as a reconnection of a woman to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of her body. The suggestions are empowering and practical while supporting a woman's radical self-love and care practices."

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