(And Never Worry About Abnormal Paps Again)

To Normal Paps

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It's time for us to be

Informed  |  Aware |  Empowered

With Our Gynecological Health

It's time we talked about the Cervix.

The Cervix is one of the most powerful portions of a female body. 
It is also one of the most vulnerable and ignored.
Because of this, many Women experience abnormal pap smears. 

It is here that you will:
Learn how to keep the cervix healthy and well.
​Learn how to self-heal from an abnormal pap-smear. 
Learn why females need to be connected to the Cervix,
​and how to develop a loving relationship with it.

"I went to a naturopath here in Vancouver where I now live and got a pap smear last week. I just got the results back, and I am completely cleared of any abnormal cells!! In just 4 quick months of listening and being with my cervix, allowing it the space to heal, and nourishing it with the foods and herbs it needed, I was able to avoid the LEEP procedure that the doctor initially recommended. I am honestly SO thankful I talked with you before going through with that. I knew it didn't feel right, but it's just a true testament to the power of the mind-body connection. The body never ceases to amaze me. Thank you again for your help and keep sharing this information with the world!! xoxo"

-Eliza Butler, Wellness Professional


"I didn't even know what exactly a cervix was before my time with Denell, and I certainly didn't spend time consciously thinking about my reproductive health in a loving way. With the help of Denell, I have cultivated a practice of embracing my divine role as priestess of love--the core of which is accepting the responsibility of being the ONLY person responsible for the decisions I make about my body. Denell is inspiring. She is bravely sharing her own experience and HPV-healing journey with the world to help other women, and for that I am so grateful."

-A past client who wishes to remain anonymous: 

Hi, I'm Denell.

I love working with Women, just like you, to feel more empowered and in control of their reproductive health.
Modern gynecology has taught us to fear our bodies and to divert authority of our bodies to people in white-coats, and this had led to thousands of women saying yes to treatments they don't actually want, penetration (by speculums) before they were ready, and remaining uninformed about what's actually happening in their bodies.
I'm passionate about providing Women sex education we never got, tools to connect to and heal their bodies naturally, and empowering others to take back control of their gynecological health.
I believe in our Body's ability to heal and regenerate without invasive procedures and treatments, and I want to help you remember this inherent power!
For the first time in human [his]tory 
Women have the opportunity  to heal.
We're doing this for all our Mother's and Grandmother's who couldn't.
We're doing this for our daughters so they won't have to.
Together we're relearning what it means to have a CERVIX.

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